Verse in Prose is a space where ordinary people share personal and true stories, creating an opportunity to know others through an exchange of experiences and feelings, and ultimately build community.  Monthly, Verse in Prose suggests a theme and invites others to sign up, workshop their story, and gain valuable experience in public speaking and performance.  


Whether they are witnessed, read, or heard, stories can help us recognize the humanity in ourselves and each other. As we learn to tell our own stories, we can reflect on our experiences through a new lens and master the narrative we create about our lives. 

Join the growing community of VIP storytellers!  

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Founder and Creative Producer

“Dr. Mitsy” Chanel-Blot is a passionate and resourceful professional with 9 years’ experience motivating, guiding, teaching, and training people.  Using skills in storytelling, improvisation, and public speaking, she empowers individuals by building up their skills in verbal and written communication, and support their professional and personal growth as leaders and team.  She is also a performance nerd who currently volunteers with Nerd Night Phnom Penh, and regularly performs with the local theatre group, the Phnom Penh Players.

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